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Spiritual Direction

Eduardo E.Senior
Application Analyst at Alameda Health System

Brenda shines in helping active military service members transition to the civilian sector. She is providing a humbling service as many veterans lack the skills to market themselves as well as the skills for a traditional interview/resume creation. Thank you Brenda!

Rukshana Tavadia CTPRP.
Vendor Manager - Global Safety & Security at PayPal

It is rare to come across a stand out talented Career Coach who genuinely cares about the individuals and their aspirations. I had the pleasure of working with Brenda for the past 17 months at Thunderbird, wherein she completely revolutionized the concept of career counselling. We worked well together co-creating an action plan for me and kept me on track. She also bought in keynote speakers for our executive cohort and provided personal introductions for my continued professional relationships. Brenda is always on point and strategic about reaching the end goal. She has an individual style approach to each candidate who comes to her, which makes her truly remarkable and extremely successful in her field. Over and above she is approachable and you can discuss all your life plans with her. This is a true mark of a great Career Guru!

Carrie C.
Strategic Growth Partner to Emerging Tech & Startups

Brenda's professionalism, career coaching skills, and ability to inspire others to never give up on their dreams is unmatched. Brenda coached me as an online student at Thunderbird School of Global Management in a way that didn't make me feel disconnected from my program or their resources. She proactively reached out to me and checked on me during my job search, while also sending me opportunities she believed I would find desirable. Her continuous communication with me made me feel like she truly cared. She is innovative and determined to help others find success. During her time with Thunderbird, she created career coaching platforms for all students both online and on campus to utilize. She organized resumes of students seeking employment and placed them on thumb drives as gifts for potential employers she encountered. She consistently thought outside of the box. Brenda is fantastic at identifying skills veterans have and translating them to civilian sector roles, which is hard to find in a mentor during a challenging military transition. I never felt as if my skills were not valued, and would often receive transparent feedback from her during my interview processes. She is an incredibly positive person who values the utmost happiness of others, and I know that any organization would be lucky to have her on their team.

Ryan L.
Chief of Staff to the COO at Inter-con Security Systems

It was a pleasure to have Brenda Bentley as my career coach. Her ability to connect with military veterans and identify the skills required in today's job market are what make her an exceptional career coach. Best of all, Brenda refined my elevator pitch, resume, and taught me how to close an interview.

When I reflect on every interview that I went on after working with her, the employers would say, "Wow that's a great question to ask," or "No one has ever asked us that before," or "keep doing what you are doing." Since she prepared me on what to say, I was confident in every interview I went on, and it was only a matter of time before I landed the best job for me. I once thought that my experience as a prior enlisted military service-member (E-4) would not translate to private sector. Through resilience, education, hard work, and coaching, I was able to convey the value of my accomplishments from the military and how that would benefit the company I was interviewing for. This led me to multiple offers in a down-turned market. Now I am in an executive level role as the Chief of Staff, just a few months after finishing my Master's degree. I could not have done it without the help of Brenda, which is why this is a very easy recommendation. Her dedication to the military veteran community, business acumen, and rapport are the primary reasons why you want Brenda on your team.

Take notice of the earth you are standing on today. There are places of uniformity, and places
of diversity. Soft and smooth here, rocky and perilous there, and all terrains in between have
purpose and meaning.
So do we. And yet it is so often our nature to hide the rocky and perilous that resides within us.
We seek to project the soft and smooth, even through moments when rocky and perilous is
In working with and getting to know Brenda, I’ve come to understand that she is in a master
phase of her being. She can apply her softness to welcome you into your own life’s purpose,
and she can harness the strength of her purpose to shine a bright light on your own desire for
purposeful action. It is not her perspective she brings to you; but rather that she brings you to
your own perspective.
We know of light bringers, and I also see Brenda as a light gatherer. I’ve seen her collect the
pieces of my own scattered light and help me understand how to unite them as a shining beam
of purpose. In a time of fog of overwhelm, Brenda helped me arrive at a personal precipice to
survey my own terrain. Because she can be present without expectation of the destination,
Brenda is a trusted guide along my personal path. She is replenishing as water, purposeful as
fire, and inspiring as air.

Heather G.

Life Coaching

Brenda's devotion to helping and inspiring Veterans was matched only by her professionalism. Her ability to help Veterans translate military experience into marketable skills paid dividends to all the Veterans at Thunderbird School of Global management. She went above and beyond the call of duty, consistently, to not only provide career counseling but also to help Veterans transition back into school/civilian life. She was a joy to work with, knew the military lingo better than most Sergeants, and is personally dedicated to helping Veterans, not just earning a paycheck. Additionally, she is very well connected with alumni Veterans and mastered the art of networking.

Ivette F.


Brenda's dedication to those she coaches is unrivaled; she truly cares about the individual's goals and provides strategic guidance to propel careers. In my experience with Brenda, she was very organized, drilled into details that I had overlooked within my resume and profile, and truly listened to my needs. Thank you, Brenda!

Jonathan L.
U.S. Marines Veteran

Brenda "Gets It" is the term that was coined for her by several of the students, military veterans, and community partners. She is attentive and resourceful in building career paths for the people she works with. I was impressed with her attitude and approach in helping people navigate towards their career goals. As Brenda would say "if that's your dream then let's figure out how to get you there" She is a giver and will be a strong contributor to any organization.

Susan P.

Professor Emeritus, UNM

Working with Brenda has been an incredibly enriching experience. In her “Discovering Your Heart’s Desire” workshop, I not only discovered much more clarity about what I really wanted to do in retirement, but I also found new spiritual awareness of who I really am.

Scott P.
OMT Waste Management | Servant Leader | Veteran

I spent over a year discussing potential career transitions after exiting the U.S. Army. After collaborating with Brenda, we drew up a targeted strategy to prepare me for the application and in-person hiring process Not only did we write an industry-specific resume tailored from my previous experiences that some soldiers commonly overlook, we also built STAR statements for questions and scenarios I would likely face during interviews. Brenda’s uncommon experience with transitioning veterans really set her apart from all other career coaches I have interacted with. Anyone, especially veterans, with a realistic career goal and self-awareness could benefit from the unique skill set Brenda has in assisting people through career transitions. Rarely does the desire to help, the knowledge to help, and the position to help line up for veterans in need of the extra assistance. Brenda has the trifecta! The three competitive offers I received resulted in accepting a position with a Fortune 250 company that we targeted during our first meeting. Brenda also helped me rebuild some of the confidence people can lose during an exhaustive career transition. There are only a few individuals that can truly impact a successful transition and Brenda will forever be an instrumental piece of my journey.

John McS.
MGM, PMPGlobal Project Manager

As my career coach Brenda was invaluable in helping me to tell my professional story. Her expertise in personal branding and up-to-date knowledge in career management trends were immediately apparent. Over multiple coaching sessions, Brenda provided advice spanning the entirety of my job search. Her coaching paid dividends as I was able to successfully transition into an entirely new industry after a few short months. I look forward to working with Brenda again in the future.

Brenda is a great professional coach whom I had the pleasure of working with as I navigated
through a career transition. She is a great advocate with a special ability to help others find the
opportunities in what many would consider obstacles. Working with Brenda made me realize
how much I appreciated her sense of professionalism and optimistic attitude as I considered my
career options. I would recommend Brenda to anyone facing the challenge of navigating
through a career transition, as she takes the time to listen, understand and help others realize
their strengths and potential. She is not just a great coach, but I would consider Brenda as a
good friend always willing to listen

John E.
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