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Metaphysical Wellness with Brenda Bentley

MBA, NLP, Certified Coach, Global Career Development, C C Ht

Navigating Career Change
Soul Re-Alignment
Chakra Clearing
Finding Your Life Purpose
Relationship Coaching
Professional Branding
Re-Inventing Yourself
Entrepreneurial Coaching
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Oracle Readings

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When our hearts and minds are aligned, we are one with Source ~ harmony happens, hearts heal, abundance abounds, fears fade and we step into the flow where we have the power to create whatever our hearts' desire.

Brenda Bentley, MBA, NLP, C C Ht, LC
Global Career Development Facilitator

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MBA, Certified Coach CTA, GCDF, C C Ht, NLP

Integrative & Intuitive Life Purpose Guide offering 35 years of leadership coaching, combined with experience in corporate training, career coaching and business development. Brenda’s mission is to empower others to discover their authentic brilliance so they can follow their soul’s purpose, step into their inner light and shine. Deep inner connection of spirt, mind and body leading to higher states of awareness and mindfulness.

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Brenda is a great professional coach whom I had the pleasure of working with as I navigated through a career transition. She is a great advocate with a special ability to help others find the opportunities in what many would consider obstacles. Working with Brenda made me realize how much I appreciated her sense of professionalism and optimistic attitude as I considered my career options. I would recommend Brenda to anyone facing the challenge of navigating through a career transition, as she takes the time to listen, understand and help others realize their strengths and potential. She is not just a great coach, but I would consider Brenda as a good friend always willing to listen.


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Heather G.

In working with and getting to know Brenda, I’ve come to understand that she is in a master phase of her being. She can apply her softness to welcome you into your own life’s purpose, and she can harness the strength of her purpose to shine a bright light on your own desire for purposeful action. It is not her perspective she brings to you; but rather that she brings you to your own perspective.

We know of light bringers, and I also see Brenda as a light gatherer. I’ve seen her collect the pieces of my own scattered light and help me understand how to unite them as a shining beam of purpose. In a time of fog of overwhelm, Brenda helped me arrive at a personal precipice to survey my own terrain. Because she can be present without expectation of the destination, Brenda is a trusted guide along my personal path. She is replenishing as water, purposeful as fire, and inspiring as air.

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7887 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020


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