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$750 / 6 SESSIONS

Professional Goal Setting & Career Coaching + Hypnotherapy

Professional Goal Setting with Brenda Bentley Coaching is unlike any other coaching program out there. I understand that each individual that walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. That's why I make my Professional Goal Setting package as flexible as possible. Give me a call and let’s get the ball rolling.

$750 / 6 SESSION

Manifestation Coaching & Hypnotherapy

At Brenda Bentley Coaching I give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need at rates they are comfortable with paying. To take it even further, I remind my clients of their power. Manifestation is a great option for anyone who feels ready to live their heart's desires. Schedule a session today and achieve next level results as you commit to up-leveling your life.

$750 / 6 SESSIONS

Hypnotherapy For Subconscious Reprogramming

Supporting lasting change for: Stress / Anxiety; Unhealthy Habits; Addictions; Weight Loss / Management; Relationships; Self-Worth / Confidence. This is one of the most popular coaching packages I provide. Your sessions are based on the knowledge, experience and strategies I have developed over my many years as a Coaching Professional. Book your package / first session today.

$250 / 2.5 SESSIONS

Divine Blueprint

Let's start with a 30 minute discovery and alignment call. Then, let's map out your Divine Blueprint.... Create the Life of Your Dreams by Choice, not by Chance. This powerful two-session package is designed for those who are ready to invest in themselves and take steps towards a life of their own design.

$600 / 6 SESSIONS

Face The (F)acts Of Life

Face the (K)new facts together so you can find and follow your life purpose. Most have been conditioned to believe facts that are not based on truth. Many of the ‘facts’ or held beliefs, are limiting core beliefs that have held you back. Time to discover your own FACTS: (F) = Focus (A) = Align (C) = Clarify (T) = Transform (S) = Shift

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