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Facing the (F)ACTS of Life – The Ones You Were Not Taught

Finding and Following your True Purpose is something you may not have been encouraged to do. And let’s face it – the world we once knew, no longer is. We are facing a new now. And, now is the time for us to face the (K)new facts together so we can find and follow our life purpose. Many of us have been conditioned to believe facts that are not based on truth. As a matter of fact, many of the ‘facts’ or beliefs that we’ve held as truth, are limiting core beliefs that have held us back.

The paradox is that we knew the facts all along, and now is the time to face them together so we can make the paradigm shift together. My own life experiences, facing false beliefs, digging deeper to discover my own truth is what led me to create the (F)ACTS of Life Coaching Program that I’d like to share with you.

(F) = Focus, Find, Faith, Flow, Flourish, Function, Fruition – F is finding the faith to focus on your heart’s desires. What is it your really want? Now is the time to form the foundation for the new version of you. What are you ready to invent? And, what are you willing to face? I truly believe that when we face our greatest fears, we discover our hidden treasures – this is where the real gems of who we are reside.

(A) = Align, Allow, Abundance, Altruistic, Artistic, Archangels, Ascend – What does it mean to align with your vision? Here we explore what it means to be in alignment with your higher self. Through guided imagery and experiential exercises, we meet your higher self (power), connect with your highest vision and version of yourself and learn techniques to stay connected and in the flow.

(C) = Clarify, Clarity, Create, Construct, Core, Connect, Communicate, Confidence – As we clarify our core values and beliefs, we gain clarity on our life/soul’s purpose. Once we are clear on our vision and mission, and begin to align with our creative genius, we can step into the stream of well-being, where navigating life becomes much easier. Clarity is like a pure clear mountain stream – flowing abundantly. Once we clarify our vision, mission and purpose, we can clearly communicate it with confidence, grace and ease.

(T) = Transform, Truth, Trust, Transpersonal, Triumphant, Technique, Transparency, (T) is the process of profound and radical change that takes us to a new level of conscious awareness. This is where we begin to wake up – to raise our vibrational frequency as we evolve and move from one state of consciousness to another. Like birthing, this phase is not easy, as we learn how to step out of our comfort zone and into a brand- new version of ourselves. During this phase of endings and (k)new beginnings, you are free to let go of the old stories, release the past, changing our mindset so we can step into the new version of you and as you do you make the...

(S)HIFT – Step, Stream, Satisfy, Simplicity, Structure, Signs, Soar – What happens when we make the shift? Shift happens at the speed of thought. As we shift, we integrate the new awareness and step out and into our highest and best selves. Because you were willing to do the work, unearth your hidden treasures and face your own truth, you discover your own inner brilliance. It is here that you feel connected, inspired, and fully present to live and BE your authentic self. You have discovered your soul’s purpose and fully step into it and shine!

If you are ready to re-ignite your passion and discover your authentic self, I invite you to trust your wiser self and join me on this transformational journey where you will face the (K)new (F)ACTS of life, unearth your hidden gems, and fully step into your divine brilliance and shine.

Select (F)ACTS of Life and book if you are ready! Or feel free to email me at If you'd prefer a more personal connection, text me at 505-331-9095 to schedule your discovery call, to make sure you feel comfortable and clear on stepping into your power.

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