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Scott P.
OMT Waste Management | Servant Leader | Veteran

I spent over a year discussing potential career transitions after exiting the U.S. Army. After collaborating with Brenda, we drew up a targeted strategy to prepare me for the application and in-person hiring process Not only did we write an industry-specific resume tailored from my previous experiences that some soldiers commonly overlook, we also built STAR statements for questions and scenarios I would likely face during interviews. Brenda’s uncommon experience with transitioning veterans really set her apart from all other career coaches I have interacted with. Anyone, especially veterans, with a realistic career goal and self-awareness could benefit from the unique skill set Brenda has in assisting people through career transitions. Rarely does the desire to help, the knowledge to help, and the position to help line up for veterans in need of the extra assistance. Brenda has the trifecta! The three competitive offers I received resulted in accepting a position with a Fortune 250 company that we targeted during our first meeting. Brenda also helped me rebuild some of the confidence people can lose during an exhaustive career transition. There are only a few individuals that can truly impact a successful transition and Brenda will forever be an instrumental piece of my journey.

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